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 Road rage can be deadly. Every day we experience reckless and aggressive traffic   violations by distracted or angry drivers, putting many lives in danger. In order to mitigate   traffic accidents and bring an end to driver aggression and carelessness, the Safe Lane   organization has developed the “Road Guardians” phone app, allowing every civilian to   report dangerous driving violations, and together make our roads safer for all of us.          

In 2016, after being adopted by the Israel National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), Safe Lane launched the “Road Guardian – Changing the Way we Drive” initiative together with the Israel Police.

With Your Help We Can Stop Road Bullying


The App

שומרי הדרך שקוף.png
  • Simple and safe to operate
  • The road ahead is continually being recorded, once a traffic violation takes place it is already pre-recorded
  •  A traffic violation report can be made by voice command

How Does it Work?

The NRSA together with the Safe Lane Organization lead the “Road Guardians” joint-initiative which allows all of us to assume responsibility and enforce a safe driving culture by deterring traffic offenders from driving dangerously on the roads we frequent. The initiative which operates in concert with the Israeli Police National Traffic Department and the Ministry of Justice’s The Office of the State Attorney, provides a solution for everyday drivers to safely and securely respond to dangerous road traffic violators who put our lives at risk every day.
Legal measures are only enforced when severe, life-threatening violations take place - as defined by the Israel Police. For all other road violations, the traffic offender will receive a letter in the mail from the Road Guardians which will include a direct link to the video of the captured offense and a request to drive safely in the future, because the road belongs to all of us.

Law enforcement bodies address the road violators accordingly with legal procedures, fines etc., deterring the traffic offenders from driving aggressively in the future

The screening process for the traffic violation video recordings is done in a dedicated control room at the NRSA HQ and operated by NRSA employees and volunteers who are trained to screen for significant road violations before passing them over to the police

The app facilitates real-time traffic violation reporting by civilians like yourself - followed by immediate in-app feedback acknowledging  your contribution

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